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June '03 anti-cool word of the month

n. Informal
A checking or restraining element: had to put the kibosh on a poorly conceived plan

[Origin unknown.]

n. 1. Nonsense; stuff; also, fashion; style. [Slang]

v : stop from happening or developing; "Block his election"; "Halt the process" [syn: stop, halt, block]

Fake Teen Slang:
n. someone who has a different pair of sunglasses every week.
"That's a kibosh and a half!"


Kibosh, let's face it, is just a fancy, slightly psychotic, way of saying 'stop'. But what makes it special is how much fun the word is to pronounce. Just saying the word brings me joy. There are so many uses for the word, other than stop, that I thought it should be incorporated into the frasky lexicon.

The most obvious way to use kibosh is 'putting the kibosh on such-and-such'. However that is just so mundane and demeaning for such a great word. I like to use kibosh as my own special curse word. This works well because it's not really going to offend anyone, no one gets it, and it sounds like a wicked voodoo curse or something. And how great is a word that has 'Origin unknown.' in its definition? I mean that just makes the word even better, a lot like frasky itself.

So the next time you feel a "shit" or a "fuck" coming on, go with a hearty kibosh. You'll be surprised at how effective it is, and nothing sounds as good as "Oh, go kibosh yourself!"

June 2003 Frasky anti-cool word/phrase of the month:
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